Essay on Trade Between China And America

1801 Words May 4th, 2016 8 Pages
American culture has relied on China for many years, with trading goods and services for a cheaper price then what it would cost in the United States. Trade between the two Countries has been going on for decades now, it also has positive and negative sides to it. Although it is much cheaper to produce goods in China and get them shipped back to the United States, there has to be a better solution to this without making enemies with one another. This would create jobs in the United States for tens of thousands of people, but will also cost more for us to make. We are in debt with China for trillions of dollars and can never seem to find a solution to start making that number decrease. By doing so it will give us more pride to say that this was made in America and not a foreign country just so we can penny pinch on goods. China and America are completely opposite when it comes to cultural aspects of life, and the way goods are produced. China is walking all over us, and knowing that they can without any retaliation from the US. This trade between the two of us has to deal with politicians, leaders in bother countries, even down to the workers and bosses of the major companies building the goods. With some thought and knowledge there can be a solution to the problem where China eventually gets paid off and the US employment rate sky rockets. China and the United States have been on edge for many years, we do not want to get on their bad side nor do they, too much on the line…

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