Tourism Impact On Tourism

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Register to read the introduction… It does not help that the United States government is advising all US citizens to not travel to Japan for now, but after a few years things will all get better. This situation can be compared to that after Taiwan‟s. After Taiwan received the OK to allow travelers in and it was nationally announced, their tourism economy improved tremendously. It may and probably will take a significant more amount of time for this to happen, but it is inevitable that it will. If New York City‟s tourist economy was able to bounce back after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, any country‟s tourism economy should be able to bounce back. It is the very beginning stages of rebuilding for Japan, but there is definitely hope for the future. Market Rebuilding After a natural disaster has struck a certain area, it is very difficult to get everything back to normal again. In most cases, the part that takes one of the biggest hits is the tourism sector of the economy. Tourists will obviously not be inclined to travel somewhere disaster has struck, whether it is out of fear of happening again or even for their own personal safety. A lot of people just do not think it is worth the risk. The combination of the area as a whole losing their tourism market and needing to rebuild, it seems like it is impossible to get everything back to „normal‟. However, Louisiana is a great example of how there is hope to rebuild their economy. Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2004 and caused much destruction to their landscape and their people, especially because New Orleans offered such a different and culturally rich tourist destination. The Monthly Labor Review quotes, “Tourism had been one of the bright spots in the New Orleans economy”. Pre-Katrina, the tourism economy was …show more content…
After Katrina, it has been studied by the Monthly Labor Review and confirmed that the tourism market lost the most amount of jobs out of all the industries in New Orleans. Although the tourism industry may have taken one of the biggest hits after Katrina, they have done an excellent job with rebuilding it. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there was lots of help to rebuild the cities and make everything back to normal. They launched a new ad campaign with the slogan “Fall in love with Louisiana all over again”. This is a heartwarming slogan that is aiming for visitors to not be afraid to come back and that everything is pretty much back to normal. A new addition to their tourist options post Katrina was to offer tours to the devastated parts that were hit by the hurricane. This is a strategic approach to bring in more money for rebuilding, the tourists see the devastation and then feel bad and then give money. They were in need of lots of visitors in order to jump start the economy. Their marketing plans for the tourism industry obviously worked because by 2006 everything was almost back to

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