Essay on Touching the Void

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Part B: Personal Reflection

Explain what you have learnt about the concept of Overcoming Adversity after viewing the file ‘Touching the Void’? Use examples from the movie to assist your explanation.

I have learnt a lot about overcoming adversity from viewing the film, ‘Touching the Void’. The first thing I learned from the film, was the true meaning of adversity, I learnt that it was any time when you are great misfortune, whether it is big or small. Another important thing and probably the biggest message from the movie was, if you persevere and don’t quit or cower due to a problem you will always be able to overcome adversity.

I felt as if I learned valuable coping strategies in times of struggle or despair. An example of
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Describe how you could apply and use Joe’s story of survival in the Andes to everyday life when trying to overcome challenging life circumstances? Give 2-3 examples referring to life circumstances that you or somebody else may have experienced and the coping strategies related to overcoming adversity (6 marks)

There are many ways you could incorporate Joe’s story and coping strategies to everyday life situations. You could use his strategies to help him survive, or you could learn from the mistakes that he made. You don’t have to use these strategies in life threatening situations you could use them in everyday situations.

You can use many of the strategies that Joe used to help you with everyday situations. One of the most commonly used strategies is setting smaller goals to reach your all out main goal. I have actually used this strategy myself quite often, I use it mostly when I study. I set out to study a certain point till a certain time, then I will study a different section during the next time period, which will eventually lead to my main goal of studying for the whole subject. You could also use his strategy of keep making decisions even if they are bad ones. Say you get into a situation where you feel threatened or uncomfortable, you always have to keep making decisions even if they do end up hurting you in the long run, but if you think about you situation carefully and clearly then nine times out of ten you will end up where you feel

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