Totalitarianism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Old Major, an old pig who can feel his time coming, conveys a dream of his about the animals living is peace and harmony, a philosophy which is later called animalism by his three successors, to the animals of Manor farm. He dies three days later. A little while after, the animals defeat the farmer Mr. Jones in a battle and kick him off the farm. The three pigs rename the property Animal Farm and try to bring Animalism to reality with the help of Boxer the horse. At first, Animal Farm prospers. Some time later, Mr. Jones reappears to take back his farm, and the animals defeat him again in the Battle of the Cowshed. As the wheel of time turns, Napoleon and Snowball, two of the three leaders, argue more and more about the future of the Animal farm, and they begin to struggle for power and influence among the other animals. Snowball comes up with the idea to build electricity-generating windmill, but Napoleon strongly opposes the idea. At …show more content…
This book shows us totalitarianism, and how it starts, and how it ends. Totalitarianism is shown by Mr. Jones and Napoleon having complete control over the animals. Totalitarianism starts from corruption and the valuing of oneself above others. Totalitarianism ends in the book when Mr. Jones is thrown off the farm and the animals were then free to live as they pleased. This book can also be connected with current totalitarian leaders such as Kim Jong Un, and their mistreat of their nations.
I rate the book a 3 overall. Although it was not very engaging, or interesting, and very boring at times, the degree of depth was astounding, along with the way George Orwell manipulated my emotions through the characters he changed over the course of the

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