Torture And Its Effects On Society Essay

2697 Words Dec 16th, 2016 11 Pages
Imagine being chained in a small box, naked, scared, and hungry, but you killed dozens of people in an attack you performed. Would you expect remorse? Some people believe that torture violates rights and is an all in all horrific form of treatment. On the other hand, others think that torture is great to a point when it is used correctly. Although torture can be gruesome and harmful, some people believe it can be extremely beneficial to America regarding acts of terrorism. Throughout the history of man, methods of torture have been used in multiple different ways and in many different cases. Torture is as Elena Nightingale states, "Universal methods of physical torture include beatings, electric shocks, and prolonged hanging by the arms or the feet; the injection of drugs can cause psychic as well as physical pain." The idea of torture can sound gruesome to an outsider but, others find justification in the acts of torturing. With the recent election, torture has been a topic brought up in many conversations. Torture may be the heat of some political discussion, but by no means is it a form of treatment that has just recently arisen. The act of torturing someone has been around for as long as homo sapiens have populated this Earth. Mitchell McNaylor presents one good example of a famous torture subject in which everyone has heard of. As McNaylor elaborates, "Perhaps the most famous historical case of torture as punishment is that of Jesus of Nazareth. While in Jerusalem in…

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