Tornado's Narrative-Back To The Beach

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“Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no! This is going to be bad I know it will!” I think.
The internet is down so I can’t do any research either! I need to stop and think of all the possibilities it could be.
“Not a volcano, not an earthquake, not a mudslide, not a tsunami, not a drought. That leaves Tornado and Hurricane. Great I’m back to these two again. We’re not that close to the ocean so that leaves tornado. I didn’t think we could get those up here!” I consider. I have to warn people! But how? I think of the bullhorn we have in our garage and I go and get it as well as a couple of coats, a hat, a and rain boots.. I carefully sneak out of the door which is very hard with the strong wind that’s shooting bullets of rain on my face, but I push through it. I stand on our front porch and turn the bullhorn on.
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Then I repeat.
“TORNADO, TORNADO, TORNADO!” I look over into my neighbor's yard and see a slight pathway. I jump onto some bricks and almost lose my balance but stay on. Then once again I repeat.
“TORNADO, TORNADO, TORNADO!” I make my way around house to house careful not to fall into any of the yards. I yell the message in each yard hoping people will understand. I find myself in Kenna’s yard. I pound on the door until someone opens it and yanks me inside.
“Are you crazy?” Kenna yelled at

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