Topics in Cultural Studies Essay

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Kristopher J. Walker
Introduction to Humanities
American Intercontintial University
Unit 1 Individual Project

Introduction to Humanities: 2)

Greek and Roman Cultures

| |Greek Culture |Greek and Roman Culture |Roman Culture |
|Art |Greek Temple Architecture was an important form of art in |Greek Art and Sculpture derived from Romans. |Roman Statues were developed from copying the art from the |
| |Early Greece. The Greeks
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| |Mosaics were also popular. Mosaics were made with geometric|
| | | |shapes of stone and placed in different shapes to create |
| |Sculpture consisted of small figurines and life-size | |the desired look. |
| |statutes (such as the Statue of Kouros). Sculptures were | | |
| |created using marble, limestone, stone, and other | | |
| |materials. The sculptures created told stories of Heroes, | | |
| |Gods, Mythical Creatures,

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