Quality Of Life Research Paper

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The Quality of Life paper was an experience that has helped to understand the society we live in and the problems we face daily that must be addressed. Researching about the issue of cell phone radiation and how people interact with them, helped to show the significance of the issue. People had no form of really understanding the problem and do not even know the regulations, manufacturers have on the contact customers should have with a phone. For some people it is out of reach this information, there is ambiguity about what a cell phone can do to their health.

From the research found people were unaware of the level of radiation they are exposed to and the risk children faced because of their sensitivity. Currently in the market, there
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It is a disturbing image of how people are so close physically, but mentally their minds are focused on the phone There is a problem with how society is interacting with one another because there is no physical, social communication, but social communication through the media. This is connected to the problem of cell phones because it is affecting the human nature of communication and placing boundaries between humans. Not only is the social communication being effected, but what will occur in society 's health with so much attachment to their phone constantly.

It is important to consider what is happening to the public 's social interaction with one another. In the article, Stop Googling. Let’s Talk, the author Turkle explains though observations and interviews people divided their attention away from the person they were physically speaking to. Inclusively had a problem with when people are eating and on their phone constantly. Turkle expresses the change in a conversation with a phone involved, “presence of a phone on the table..changes both what they talk about and...connection they feel” (Turkle

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