What Are Michael Jackson's Three Major Accomplishments

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The Top 9 Hottest Michael Jackson Billboard Songs
Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana on august 29, 1958, as one of the most influential Pop artist of all time. His career spans for more than 40 to 50 years. Being known as the “king of pop” Mr. Jackson has produced many songs that are appealing to a universal audience. Beginning at the age 5, Michael has always been a star figure in people’s eyes and successfully has four songs by the Jackson 5 which also topped the billboard top 10 chart. At age 13, Michael perused his solo career which in later years he releases his nine top selling songs. The top ten billboard hits that Michael Jackson has released are as followed: “Say Say Say” featuring Paul McCartney, “Billie Jean”, “I 'll Be
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Their song “I want you back” served as a pillar for their brand. The song lead by 11 year old Michael Jackson and his four brothers ranked #90 on the hot 100 list. This track relates to relational problems within a relationship. Literally saying when I had you I treated you bad and now I want you back.
"Man in The Mirror" Michael Jackson’s allowed him to set the record for 4 top singles on the hot 100 from one album. Significantly after Michael Jackson’s death “Man in the mirror” reentered the United Kingdom’s singles charts and peaked at number 2. This songs powerful intrinsic approach was well needed in such an extraverted world that seems to only see things outside of themselves. The song tells us to change who we are so that we can change what we are connected to in this world.
"Dancing Machine" The Jackson 5 was released in the time period of funk and disco. This track was the omega of the Jackson 5 top ten songs to make it to the hot 100. The artist left the label and later name themselves the Jacksons. This song appeals to the world of dance as it is often used during “popping” dance battles, a style that derived from disco during that time
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This track was ranked at Number 4, on Billboard 's top Hot 100 songs of 1980, which helped Jackson earn the Top Singles Artist honors that year. This song is truly a great song that Jackson made to express love and his feelings. The lyrics “I want to rock with you” is Jackson saying that he wants to dance and make love.
Jacksons “Beat it” was released on April 30, 1983 and spent three weeks on the Hot 100’s top slot. This song is feature on this Thriller album with only two weeks separating the last of seven weeks on top for Jacksons "Billie Jean". This song sends out a message telling people to spread the peace and stop violence. Jackson truly made a masterpiece with this song, he has a rough bad boy edge but still finds a way to influence the gangs to create peace. Overall I absolutely loved this song.
Jackson 5 “I’ll Be There” was released on October 17, 1970 and spent sixteen weeks on the charts. This single was the last and longest-reigning for five weeks of four consecutive Hot 100 Number 1’s in 1970 for the talented brothers from Gary, Indiana. The group earned seven more Hot 100 top 10’s by the end of their recording career in 1989 but never reached Number 1 for a second

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