Comparison Of Bo Jackson And Michael Jordan

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When discussing who the greatest athlete of all-time, two names come to mind: Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan. Although they grew up in different time periods and played different sports, they both dominated in their respected professions, in which they performed at levels that no one has ever seen before. Jackson and Jordan both displayed crazy statistics over and over again throughout their career but physically watching them helps to truly understand their greatness. Besides being great athletes, they also found success off the field and court starring in numerous commercials and having their own clothing lines. Jackson and Jordan both possessed insane talents and capabilities and had overall the best high school, college, and professional careers in history.
Bo Jackson attended McAdory High School, in McCalla, Alabama where he excelled as a four sport athlete (D’Agostino, 2009). In high school, Jackson was known for his extreme speed and strength, having performances in games never seen before by a high school athlete. Not only did Jackson excel in his four sports, but he
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Sports analysts believed that Jackson’s juggernaut capabilities would slow down once he reached college considering he would compete against other outstanding athletes; they were far from right. Some believe that Jackson became even stronger and faster in college after improving each season. His sophomore year, Jackson led his football team to an eleven and one record, which obtained them a spot in the 1983 National Championship versus powerhouse Michigan. After winning nine to seven, Jackson received MVP of the game along with All-American runningback honors as a sophomore (D’Agostino, 2009). Sadly, Jackson missed nearly his entire junior season after suffering a separated shoulder. He did return for the Liberty Bowl versus rival Arkansas where he received MVP of the

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