Too Far Gone, Can The Republic Be Saved? Essay

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Too Far Gone, Can The Republic Be Saved?

My aim for this book is to examine what I believe to be the basic principles of our government and how it relates in our present-day political environment. To contemplate if our current elected officials with the seemingly endless turmoil and caustic rhetoric that typically emanates from Capitol Hill, reflect the intent of our constitution as it was written, and ultimately determine if our country is too far gone.

Fortunately for me and I would guess most other Americans, the intellect and prudence of our forefathers lead them to draft the Constitution in such a manner that it could reasonably be expected for anyone with a basic level of education to understand. It is a shame that the simple principles outlined in the constitution are so often misconstrued to reflect something other than their obvious meaning.

It is my sincere belief that a more simplified understanding of our Constitution and the principles of government it represents provides a straightforward guide for instituting possible solutions to what I see as a serious threat to the continued existence of our country. And yes, I do believe it is just that serious.

Far too often media outlets, pundits, and political “leaders” alike refer to our system of governance merely as a democracy. Whether intentional or not, referring to the United States of America as a simple democracy is if nothing else misleading. There are several types of democratic governments so…

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