Tony Kushner 's `` Angels `` America `` Essay

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Angels in America is a play that seeks to expose and confront American society and the prejudice that plagues the country’s community. Tony Kushner aims to get the audience connected and thinking by strategically presenting every character in a relatable form. He explores the meaning of community from an overall political standpoint as well as an individualized personal point of view. In this paper I will draw attention to Kushner’s idea of American society existing as one community that consists of various interconnected personal citizen relationships. I will examine how each character struggles with their identity and religion, and in result the lines of their separated communities become blurred between who they think they are, and who society tells them they should be.
Tony Kushner based this play in 1980s America, also known as the Reagan period. The importance of this time period with the story line lies in the fact that homosexuality was not widely accepted and AIDS was a newly diagnosed disease. The gay community became very frustrated from a political standpoint as the discrimination towards homosexuality was increasing tremendously due to the ignorance surrounding the AIDS disease. This play acknowledges this bias through the relation of how the individual citizen’s association of religion and identity of self impacted the American community as whole, and how those particular affiliations were impacted by the negative labels society placed on those with certain…

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