Tom Regan Case Study

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Eden Curd
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The Moral Case of Animal Rights- Through Tom Regan’s Lens

This Environmental Ethics paper is concerned with ethical and moral questioning around the relationship of humans to the natural world. This includes exploring the value and rights of the non-human world. In this assignment I explore Tom Regan’s position on the moral case of animals in regards to Val Plumwood’s account of surviving a crocodile attack. I will be using Tom Regan’s deontological stance to defend the claim that we should leave large predators unharmed, but also critiquing his position.

Tom Regan’s position comes from a Kantian, deontological point of view. This rights view is concerned with the ideology to always treat others as ends in
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She has given the crocodile other qualities, suggesting it has feelings and thoughts similar to a human. Regan (1993) implies it is these similarities that are important, not the differences. Animals too, must be viewed as the subjects of a life with equal inherent value as humans. We should not hold the view that we have indirect duties regarding animals; instead we should hold direct duties to …show more content…
Mary Warren (2009) states that Regan does not exactly explain what inherent value is and how each human and non-human can possess it with varying degrees. Inherent value can be viewed as many different things to people based on their values and beliefs, and culture and socio-economic standing. People also value things differently to others. It is very hard to be able to measure an individual’s inherent value and even harder to try and prove that value to others, without the mere justification of

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