Essay on Today 's Global Governance Institutions

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Today’s global governance institutions were built around the emergence of the United States of America as a superpower in the mid-1940s. It was this mantle that caused the United States, for whatever reason, to assume responsibility for the reconstruction of nations both in the west and in the east following the devastating effects of World War II. A point largely dismissed by those too young to remember. That virtually uncontested assumption of responsibility combined with the need for smaller countries to align themselves with something counter to the growing might of the Soviet Union propelled liberal American ideologies to the forefront of international thinking.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90s the balance of power shifted from bipolar to unipolar, and the policies of the United States took center stage globally. (Layne, 13) Beginning with the creation of the Bretton Woods institutions, namely the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, to the emergence of the United Nations, specifically the Security Council. The United States, regardless of motive, has largely dictated how much of the world should operate. This generally one-sided, liberal movement has led to unparalleled peace and prosperity for many, and little to no significant change for many others. Regardless of one’s political biases it can be argued that the United States and its democratic, liberal agenda represent the single greatest experiment in freedom, civil liberties, and…

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