Today 's Generation : The World Is An Ugly, Hateful Place

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Today’s Generation
It seems nothing is going well in America. Everyday news screens cast doubt on the president, show hate crimes on unimaginable depravity, and portray gun violence, among other awful acts. Despite the world being a safer more tolerant place, without a major war, people continue to believe that the world is an ugly, hateful place. For the younger generation, their problems seem tiny in comparison to the problems plaguing older Americans. The younger generation has an acute lack of motivation, a fight for gay rights, and a near disregard for the earth, the generations that come after us will look back in contempt of our actions.
I don’t want to All across the nation, the young generation is hiding away big passions, many want to paint, write, dance, and pursue what they like. Many want to relax with their friends, and get their drivers licenses. However, their serious lack of motivation in teenage years and apparent burnout is preventing them from doing to. For most of their childhoods, young children believe that they can achieve anything, and that their dreams will not remain dreams. Parents also push their kids to do their best, often making them study or play sports for long hours. When children began to get older and enter middle school, the apparent burnout begins. Once they realize they cannot maintain their perfect elementary school grades and be the very best at something, some fall into a dark spell of depression. If they cannot live

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