Tobacco Smoking Is Big Business Essay

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Tobacco smoking is big business in India. Through tobacco advertising, citizens of all ages are attracted to smoking tobacco. The advertising is very dynamic and impacting on those exposed to it. As a result, it became an obsession and hence an addiction even before the viewers willingly consented to first sample and then fully commit to enjoying the taste of the products.

The viewers of the advertisements knew full well that the addiction to smoking tobacco based products has serious health risks and consequences; nonetheless, the citizens of all ages partook willingly.

The Government of India had benefited from the sale of tobacco in the form of excise taxes which helped to support its budget. But the Government of India had to buttress this windfall against the destruction of the health of the citizens.

The Government of India could not delay for too long the instituting of the ban on tobacco even though it would reduces revenue earnings in the form of excise taxes.

Nevertheless, it had to bite the bullet and legislate the banning of tobacco.

Since tobacco

Since tobacco smoking in India was not a new occurrence, then the banning of its use which was widespread, would have certainly created consternation within the ranks of big businesses in India both local, local/foreign and foreign.

It was certain that lobbying with important Government officials behind the scenes would have been occurring not then but consistently…

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