Tobacco Is The Smoking Free Program Essay example

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Tobacco becomes one of the most effective global issues. Statistics that from the Action on Smoking & Health, over 20% of people in America die from tobacco; and, a person dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco-related disease, such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), and heart disease. Even though, people realize about this issue, it is difficult to most of the people to stop smoking, because of the nicotine addiction. There are many solutions to reduce or prevent this problem, the most popular and basic solutions around the world are a smoker quits smoking, and the federal government can make more laws or policies to solve this issue. One of the solutions is taking a quit smoking program, such as the breatheBetter. The “breatheBetter” is the smoking free program that made from the beBetter Health. The breathBetter program is based on our patented quit-smoking techniques with over 2 million user experiences and more than 12 years of tobacco QuitLine coaching experience ("beBetter Health | breatheBetter," n.d.). This program includes three steps: Get yourself ready, create a quit plan, and live smoke free. People who want to participate this program, they have to check on their own history of tobacco used and previous quit attempts; it is the first step of the breatheBetter. Next step, of this program is finding the best solution which depends on ones’ information. When a person creates a quit plan, he or she can make in the own way, because it is the…

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