To What Extent Does the Problem of Urbanization Can Be Met by Sustainable Development?

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To what extent does the problem of urbanization can be met by sustainable development?

For the past decades the trend of urbanization has rapidly increased, especially in developing countries. Urbanization may be defined as a process in which people from rural areas are migrating to the city. The sudden increase of the population in cities has brought significant problems to their inhabitants, the environment and resources. These problems are providing housing with basic facilities and public transport, mitigating the effect of pollution which is detrimental to the environment and people, and sustaining its development and resources. Sustainable development is defined in the Brundtland Report in Our Common Future as ‘development
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Los Angeles unusual features have led problems in urban transport. According to Thisdell (1993), these unusual features are ‘land-use patterns’ and widespread dispersals to outskirt city. Land use patterns is the extensively dispersal of communities around Los Angeles. On the other hand, widespread dispersal is the dispersals of both employment and people towards the outskirt cities. As a result people prefer to use their private car instead of commuting to the public transport. This car dependance has caused Los Angeles problems on transportation. Majority of its people were using cars - 6 million out of 8.8 million people in the last decade and it had also created the scarcity of public transport for the intervening three decades in the city. The bus network with 25 thousand buses is the only available public transport and its carries 1.3 million passengers daily. The consequences of lots of private cars on the road are lingering traffic jam, air pollution, loss of time and yield, waste of petrol, and burden to one’s life. The possible solution is the improvement of public transport and its facilities. Ortner said that the current increase in toll fee of vehicles during peak hours and telecommuting which is the redirection of roads trips will lessen the private car dependance. Similarly, the completion of Metro project, it will be a combined network of public transports and a better-quality motor-way. It will consist of underground and surface

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