To What Extent Are Religion And Science Independent From Each Other?

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In 1981, a Christian woman called Dodie Osteen was diagnosed with a monastic cancer of the liver. She was told that without chemotherapy, she would only have weeks to live. Her husband told the doctor that they believed in miracles, and the miracle worker, Jesus. She went home without chemotherapy, and prayed to God for help in curing her. She lived as though she was not sick, and went about her daily life as normal, all the while praying to God to heal her. And she healed! She lived on without chemotherapy. Years later, she was tested and it was as if the cancer had never been there at all.

So what do we know from this? We know that she did have the cancer. We know that it was healed without any help from the doctors or anything scientific, rather using the healing power of her God. So, how did this happen?

This brings us to the knowledge question: To what extent are religion and science independent from each other?

There are two sides of different ways of healing, which are science and religion. People who believe in scientific healing believe in medical science. They look for healing and cures on a physical level, using various medicines and surgeries to heal people. Others who believe in the religious side of healing rely on their faith. They think that healing is spiritual, and use praying and scripture reading to heal themselves and others.

We know that science is objective. Scientists use evidence in the form of facts and statistics to prove that something is the…

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