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1.SOCIOLOGY -It is a social science which uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about human social activity -Analysis of a social institution or societal segment as a self-contained entity or in relation to society as a whole. -he study of sociology aims at analyzing the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in society.
2.a.Relation between Sociology and History:

Both social sciences are now a days coming nearer to each other. Some time ago history was considered as science of some dates, places and struggles.But now people have realizes that why the
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In the same way sociology gives social background for the study of historical events.

G.E. Harward to remarked that History is past Sociology ,and Sociology is present history.

But, in spite of their close relationship the two sciences are distinct:

1.Sociology is general science which covers all human aspects ,while history is special science which study only historical aspects of events.

2.History is related with past events an there is no relation with modern events. Contrary to it Sociology is basically a modern science, which study present social situation of human behavior.

3.Durkheim's book 'The Rules of Sociological Method' says ,sociology is entirely different from history. He further says, historical events have record of individual roles, while sociology means ,it is study of social facts and social representations occurred by social circumstances.

4.History means only description ,while sociology means analysis, interpretations and classifications.

5.The nature of History is not scientific, which can not be retested .But the test of social phenomenon is possible. social facts can be verified also.

b. Relation between sociology and political science:

Sociology and political science are also related in the sense that they both concern the welfare of people in a society. Political science basically deals with the distribution of power and the exercise of power ,democracy, dictatorship,

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