Literary Analysis Essay Into The Wild

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To Be Free

Everyone around the world develops problems in their lives; these problems may include the struggle to meet society and family expectations. However, the ways in which people deal with these difficulties vary. Some individuals choose not to act and allow their problems to exist, while others seek constant assistance. A less popular route is to leave society completely and become an independent, otherwise known as living life on the road. This alternate path is depicted in Into the Wild, a documentation of the life of Chris McCandless and his journey to Alaska. The author, Jon Krakauer, justifies Chris’s actions of cutting off all ties with his family, living life as a nomad, and dying in Alaska, with his own experiences of
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They argue that an individual cannot avoid their problems forever, therefore, by leaving society they are only wasting the valuable time that they could use to solve their problems. This way of thinking is very closed-minded and can be proven false by Chris’s actions. Leaving society and living in a secluded environment permits Chris to have the time to reflect on himself. When Chris finally reaches Alaska he crosses the Teklanika River, finds a “magic” bus, and takes advantage of its resources. Inside the bus, on a piece of plywood by the window, Chris carves, “No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks upon the land to become lost in the wild” (163). While Chris is in Alaska it is true that he is free from his problems. After being told how to live his life for so long, Chris desires to break free from society and his family and refuses to make anymore relationships with anyone. He refers to society as being “poisonous” which represents that having to deal with everyone's expectations fogs up his thoughts. By becoming “lost in the wild” Chris is able to find clarity in his mind, being able to think for himself without anyone’s influences. This allows Chris to have the the time to genuinely reflect on his life. Furthermore, after a person has the opportunity to review their life, they can come to a realization and accept their …show more content…
Firstly, by taking a challenge and becoming independent from society, Krakauer finds relief from his difficulties at home. Also, Chris separates from society which enables him to form his own identity without anyone forcing their expectations onto him. Lastly, by living on the road, Chris has the time to reflect on his life and eventually accept his problems. Through the lives of Chris McCandless and Jon Krakauer, it can be taken that an individual should break away from their comfort zones in order to find solutions to their problems in life. Anyone who feels like they have tried everything, but are still suffering from difficulties, should follow in Krakauer’s and Chris’s footsteps. In order to be free from all worries and anxiety, one needs to be open to taking

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