To Any Would Be Terrorists Nye Analysis

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In the essay To Any Would-Be Terrorists written by Nye, Shihab Naomi is related to the current situation of Israel/Palestine for this part of the world. The past conflicts of the situation between Israel and Palestine have been happening for a while for the last decades for example the Palestinian war in 1948 when five Arab nations which were Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt who invaded the territory of former Palestinian mandate, which lead the United Nations to declare Palestine and Israel there own country. Another example in 1967 would be the Six Day War and that consisted of the countries Israel, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. The aftermath of the war was a massive blow to the Arabs morale in so many ways, people start to think …show more content…
People been affected emotionally because of the war a lot of them got mentally affected and got traumatized and innocent people lose their lives, family or loved ones because of the wars that goes on. War affects future families because they have to grow up during the war or even live in the after affects of the war which is being homeless living on the streets without any shelter. she also talks about her own country and she is trying to say, to her own people which are the Palestinian’s are not terrorists. The country is great and with full of caring people, and that Arabs are businessmen, students and kind neighbors. Her parents are hardworking people her Palestinian father who worked all his life to defy the word terrorist are thousands like him who are gentle daddies who make everyone laugh around the dinner table, who have hard time with the headlines, who stand outside in the evenings with their hands in their pockets staring toward the far horizon (414)."

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