Titanic Essay

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"Jack, I’m cold” said Rose. Jack said, “It’s ok Rose just hold on just a bit longer, a boat is bound to come back.” Ok Jack I trust you” said Rose. Just then Jack thought of an idea. He said “Rose, stay here I’ll be right back,” and he started swimming to dead bodies, and every time he got to a dead body he took the life jacket from them. He also took an oar that someone had abandoned. Pretty soon Jack had five life jackets and an oar and he swam back to Rose. He gave Rose the oar and said, “Okay Rose, “I have some life jackets, I’m going to put them under the door so we can both get on but I’m going to need a part of your dress.” Okay, Jack,” said Rose, and she tore off a piece of her dress and gave it to Jack. He took the dress and …show more content…
After what seemed like forever The Carpathia arrived and started taking people off the boats and onto their ship. In all the chaos of people boarding the ship, Jack lost sight of Rose. He started searching all around and couldn’t find her. An officer on The Carpathia asked Jack his name and he grabbed the list to try searching for Rose. He didn’t see her and figured that she would be happy without him. He gave the officer back his list and went to the dock to get off the ship.
Several years later Jack had a new life. He had a house, he had a job and he had a dog named Rose. He started planning a vacation to Italy to try to find his old friend Fabrizio, whom he had lost track of since the Titanic. He bought a ticket on a plane to travel to Italy. Jack was packing his bags when his dog Rose came up to him. I’m going away for a while, girl,” said Jack, “but I have someone coming to take care of you while I’m gone.” He picked up his bags; left his house, locked the door, and caught a taxi. “Where yah headed?” asked the taxi driver. “The airport,” Jack said. “You got it,” said the taxi driver.
Ten minutes later Jack arrived at the airport. He went to the runway and boarded his plane. He found his seat and sat down. The intercom turned on and a woman’s voice came on and said “Welcome everybody, I am Rose Dawson and I will be flying all of you to Italy today.” When Jack heard this he stopped what he was doing and grabbed a flight attendant’s arm. “What did the pilot

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