Essay about Titanic

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My name is Patrick Kowner the second. My father’s name was also Patrick and my mother’s name is Siobhan. As a young lad, I wanted to feel the grasp of money and to always have money in my short and empty pockets. This is why I took the opportunity to go to America. The only way to get myself to America was by ship. I am a poor Irishman who can only afford to get anything by stealing. I am known by the names of PM or Patrick mugger or “mugtrick”.
A young man, wearing a fine fitted suit, with blonde and silky hair with white dazzling skin was strolling on our dusty and old street in the most graceful and elegant ways. The sun had never grinned at our road. It had always punished the street with its aching and unforgivable heat.
As I
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On the other hand, my heart was consoled by the fact that America presented a bounty of opportunities for me; I melted at the thought of those glorious notes filling my empty pockets.
As I ran to the harbour, I kept thinking of money, like a banker drawling over gold. I reached the entrance of the harbour; I could smell potent perfumes gracing the air. As I looked around me, I saw crowds and crowds of people covering the harbour like a winter’s morning that had covered the roads with thick, smooth and dazzling snow.
I could taste the sweetness of excitement at the tip of my tongue; I looked up to see the ship, the biggest and boldest ship I had ever seen. I knew then why they called it the Titanic. The black wolf stood in all of its might to show to its enemies how bold and courageous it truly was.... The beast had shone up like a new, crafted bronze penny.
I blinked a few times and I saw a line longer than the ship itself; I was not patient enough to find out what this line was for. A few minutes later I saw a man with a very long beard walking to the entrance from the front of the harbour swearing. I asked him: “Whatever is the matter?” He shouted back at me, “This line is for lice, if you have lice then you are not allowed on the ship and they take your ticket with no refund.” I was shocked and immediately I stepped back three steps from the man ahead of me, who had more hair than an afro, so I

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