Titanic Reflection

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“Although the ship had life saving capacity for 1,178 people- less than half the 3,547 passengers and crew she was designed to carry- she surpassed lifeboat requirements by over seventeen percent.” (Wels, Susan 27). Like in real life, there was a lifeboat problem on Titanic like the one in the movie. However, although the movie Titanic portrays one side of the actual event, there were more details what actually happened, for example, the people involved, the events leading up to the departure, and the event of the ship sinking. There are many people on the Titanic, but I just picked out a few people to tell you about that were on the real live ship. E J Smith was captain of the ship and he was transferred over from the Olympic to Titanic. …show more content…
When Rose and Caledon arrived, Rose made a remark about how small the ship looked and how she was not impressed at all. Caledon’s reply to Rose was, “Oh honey, the ship is far bigger than you would have ever imagined. You are quite hard to please.” Rose and Caledon continued to walk right into the ship while Jack, was gambling and made an all in bet and won the tickets at the very last possible second. Jack ran onto the boat at such a last second that the ship was already putting away and he had to lie to an employee about getting checked by a doctor first, in order to enter the Titanic. He was so grateful and such a hopeful man that he ran inside, set is sack of clothing down and ran to the top of the ship in order to say good bye and wave to those on land. Rose and Caledon were moving all of their home belongings into their suite at that moment. However, history tells us that that is somewhat of what actually happened. “Salesmen went door to door trying to sell Titanic tickets in order to make a profit.” (Edgette, J. Joseph). People really did run to the top of the ship in order to say goodbye to their loved ones that they were leaving behind. Also, third class passengers were actually required to get checked out by a doctor before entering the ship, while first and second class did not have to get checked out. The first class was able to …show more content…
Caledon sends Jack to the ship’s jail while the ship is newly sinking. After Caledon tries to put Rose in a lifeboat to save her, she jumps out of the lifeboat and back onto the Titanic in order to find Jack and save him from drowning. After they are running away from Caledon, neither Jack nor Rose are able to get onto a lifeboat and so they find a door to lay on. Even Though they both could have easily fit on the door, Jack was left hanging on the side of the door holding Rose’s hand. Jack ends up dying from hypothermia and Rose notices a boat floating around to try and save anyone who is not dead yet. She blows a whistle and lets Jack go. She survived along with Caledon, but they never see or speak to one another ever again. However, in history has told us that although some of the movie is correct, not all of it is. In real life, Musical Times states that the band did play in waist high freezing water and at about two in the morning, approximately twenty minutes before the Titanic sank, the band began to play “Nearer, My God, to Thee”. Earlier in the morning, at around twelve forty five, there were fire shooters trying to communicate with other ships nearby, but there was no one replying. The wireless operators were frantically trying to reach out to someone and tell them about the sinking ship, but no one replied or even heard the

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