What Is Tita A Heroine

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Why was a woman who started as a weak and scared girl able to become a strong and smart woman? In this book Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Tita was that woman. The day she was born her future had already been decided, and it was to take care of Mama Elena until she dies. She was abandoned by Mama Elena and Nacha took care of her and raised her. Tita hated the family tradition and tried to fight against it.It ended up causing her a lot of pain and wasted most of her life, however, she never gave up until she was finally free. Tita's strength, nurturing nature, and her determination illustrated that she was indeed a strong heroine.

Despite her own mother neglecting her Tita had a nurturing nature that draws people to be comforted
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Tita came back to the ranch after hearing Mama Elena was paralyzed. She immediately began to help her mother.Mama Lena knew that John Brown wanted to marry Tita so she told him that he cannot marry Tita and told him Tita cannot marry anyone. Tita did not care, “she had decided to marry John Brown as soon as her mother gets better”(133). Tita hated the family tradition and it was that the youngest daughter had to take care of her mother until her mother died. Tita was the youngest daughter and a family tradition had ruined her chances of happiness with Pedro in this time Tita was determined to be with John Brown a man she cared for. After Tita had been engaged to John Brown she cheated on him with Pedro she thought she was pregnant with Pedro child and she told Pedro and he was very excited and wanted to break the engagement and tell John but Tita said, “no you are not going to say anything to him in the first place because I won’t allow it”(211). John Brown Had Took care of Tita when she was going crazy and she remembers and thanks for that. Tita was determined to show the same respect and love the John Brown showed for her so she made sure that nothing hurts. Tita’s determination was a leading factor why Tita was a strong heroine with another factor was her strength. Tita drew her strength from the kitchen which functions and giving Tita the billet he to fight against …show more content…
Tita uses her strength to fight I guess it just us she uses her nurturing nature to save Roberto’s life. she uses her determination to overcome many problems in her life. all of these characteristics make Tita a strong

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