Tips On Looking After Our Hair Essay

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Monsoons is round the corner and it comes with its share of problems for looking after our hair. So what we are going to do today is discuss a few tips on looking after our hair this monsoon.
During monsoon the high humidity coupled with intermittent hot strong sun tends to cause a lot of damage to the hair and leaves our hair looking limp and very unhealthy looking. So this monsoon shampoo your hair as frequently as you need to to keep it clean. It is purely a myth that frequent shampooing causes damage to the hair and you can shampoo your hair every other day or even every day if necessary. Whatever it takes to keep your hair nice and clean and shiny looking.
Follow up every shampooing with a decent use of a conditioner. Use the conditioner in the lower half of your hair length. Gently run the conditioner along your hair shafts. Try and let the conditioner stay on your hair shaft for couple of minutes before you wash it off. Wash off both the shampoo and the conditioner with lukewarm water or cold water. Try and avoid using very hot water as it tends to damage the hair shaft and as it tends to make your hair shaft brittle and and more prone to splits.
After you have shampooed your hair and conditioned your hair towel dry your hair to ring out any excess water from the hair get dry and it is advisable to let the hair air dry or dry naturally. Even if you are planning to set your hair and use a hair styling product on your hair.
Once the hair is reasonably dry you can…

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