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Tinnitus Miracle Review – WHO IS THOMAS COLEMAN?
Whereas efforts have been made and are still been made to have a chat with this author in order not to give a biased review about him, these have proved futile. Let’s still try to analyze who he is based on his sales video and guide’s prelude. In his video and eBook, he introduces himself and his system, as a certified nutrition specialist, health consultant, a medical researcher, speaker and author. He admits he is not an otologist. Tinnitus is one of the conditions studied by otologists.
Now We take an even more critical and professional look at who he claims to be.
Author: Well this may be true in fact as he is the author of the tinnitus miracle aside that background digging didn’t come
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However, to give him the benefit of the doubt, let’s hold on till we are able to contact him.
Medical Researcher: To have put together an informative guide like the T miracle guide make him somewhat a researcher, but not enough to proclaim himself as a medical researcher.
Certified Nutrition Specialist: To be a certified Nutrition Specialist a bachelor’s degree in healthcare, nutrition science or food service is required. So it may be true that Coleman really is a certified nutritionist. This claim would have been more credible if he had named the institution that awarded him the certificate. Let’s choose to give him the benefit of the doubt once again till we able to contact him to clear that. Tinnitus Miracle Review – Any other products aside tinnitus miracle?

Unfortunately, the first and only product with the author’s name is the tinnitus miracle guide. Apparently almost everything about Thomas Coleman seemed exaggerated. Or what do you think????? Tinnitus Miracle Review – A Startling Revelation

Let’s proceeded to do some more startling unveiling by trying to find out who really owns the Tinnitus Miracle site. Well, unfortunately, not much can be found about him here, however what we found got us
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tinnitus miracle reviewTinnitus Miracle guide insider Review
A quick search over the net produced seemingly awesome reviews that were too good to be true. We therefore, proceeded to get a copy of the book. And we were highly disappointed with what we read. Apparently the Tinnitus Miracle guide did not really give any astonishing new healing method. His much hyped 5 step holistic methods were just fluffy methods that had been shared on tinnitus forums like tinnitustalk.com or actionhearingloss.org.uk.
From our perspective, it was more of an informative guide than a treatment guide. For the five chapters of the book only 1 chapter talked about the healing process, which is not even a healing process but the usual management techniques which have been taught over and over on the above forums and other sites. Tinnitus Miracle Review – User testimonials

Apparently the internet is flooded with positive feedbacks about this guide with some claiming to have been healed in less than 2 months. This is a bit amusing yet very serious claims, watching review vids on YouTube even made us more furious. We watched all the “review” vids up to page 5 for the search word “tinnitus muscle review” and all what we saw were promotional videos and phony testimonials and not even a single review video. We proceeded to popular tinnitus forum and surprisingly we didn’t even have to search around for long this is what we

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