Timothy Treadwell Doesn 't A Hero He Was A Preventable Tragedy

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Timothy Treadwell Wasn’t a Hero He Was a Preventable Tragedy

Grizzly Bears are ferocious, furry creatures that may appear to be soft and cuddly but come armed with sharp claws, and huge teeth. The males can weigh up to 600 pounds and the females can weigh up to 440 pounds. Every year in North America alone there are at least three fatalities of humans who are mauled by bears. According to Boy Scouts of America the best advice to prevent attacks from Grizzly Bears is to avoid them all together. If someone must travel through the habitat of a bear it is safest to travel in a large group so the animal will think that it is encountering a larger animal instead of individual humans. To protect one’s self against a Grizzly Bear one can carry Bear Spray which is a powerful chemical liquid spray that deters bears from coming your direction, it is also key to stay calm in the situation, and never run away. In Bil Kilham’s novel called Among The Bears he says, “It’s the escalation of fear that leads to bad decisions. There have been a number of bear attacks that I’ve read about that could have been avoided if the situation hadn’t been misread.” If a bear is acting in a defensive manner toward someone they should ready their bear spray, back away quietly, and speak in an appeasing voice to the bear. If someone encounters a bear with a carcass it is recommended to remove themselves from the area as quickly and quietly as humanly possible to avoid becoming the bear’s next meal. If…

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