Business Analysis: Time Warner Mergers

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The third largest company among networks in terms of revenue, the biggest American multinational media corporation, the biggest company in Television networking, Filmed Tv, and entertainment, it is Time Warner. Warner was formed in 1990 through the merger of Time Inc. and Warner communications. It has a large amount of content, yet, a very limited amount of publishing, specifying comic books. Many branches are linked to this company and few of them are HBO, Warner Bros., Cartoon network, CNN, Turner Broadcasting System, and a lot more subsidiaries.
Time warner as it is known today, it is made of many acquisitions and mergers. Its history goes back to the year 1922, the time that Warner Brothers was established and made.
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Furthermore, though there is called “Content Everywhere Initiatives”, Time warner seek to provide its consumers to access to their high-quality products and contents through devices and also on demand. In this they say: “Our digital products and services reinforce our industry-leading brands and storytelling capabilities.” (Time Warner, n.pag.). About their aims, what they said about their business is that their branches and business are protected by their employees and people that share the passion of storytelling, and their first and last aim is to reach the extreme excellence, and that is all what they do in every field in their …show more content…
SWOT Analysis”, “Over 80% of its total revenues come from the US. The slumping US economy may negatively impact demand for the Time Warner’s products and services.” (Friesner, n.pag). Third, for the opportunities, Time Warner went through many agreements and cooperated with different companies. Time Warner signed an agreement with Youtube to program videos from Warner Bros. and Turner on a youtube channel “using a Time Warner embeddable player.” (Friesner, n.pag) Further, Time Warner and Sesame Workshop association which started before couple of years resulted in flourishing business. And with this association, Time Warner “will exclusively distribute multiple Sesame Street titles, including the Sesame Street library.” (Friesner, n.pag). Lastly, being a huge company Time Warner is facing many threats as the larger the company is the more threats it gets. Time Warner has 5 major competitors in the field of film studio industry, yet Time Warner scored the second position in 2012. Additionally, the biggest competitor for Time Warner is the internet. Everything is now available on websites and many companies have turned their focus on launching websites and magazines. Having a vast number of competitors, the number of actors and actress, directors, producers...etc will decline and this will make Time Warner just another film production company but not the leader. Nevertheless, Time Warner massive and progressive work is targeting to

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