Essay on Time Money Has Been Linked From America 's Earliest Days

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Time management and money have been linked from America 's earliest days. Benjamin Franklin’s words “Time is Money” are well known words of wisdom that in the American Industrial Revolution translated into efficient production lines and well-trained workers. As is true throughout all human history, when a shift in our society is taking place, it affects all aspects of our culture. Douglas Rushkoff 's article, “Time Ain 't Money” identifies a major shift in the way society views time as a result of advances in digital technology made in the last decade. He states that our society focuses on the present, using the term "presentism" to describe our lost concept of narrative time. Rushkoff argues that our present day culture, including our world economy, has been deeply influenced by the digital technology made available to the whole of society and that we no longer look at the past or the future rather we are focused on what is happening now. The purpose of this article is to give the reader insights into how presentism, the current trend in society, affects many daily aspects of our lives.
Rushkoff goes into details about how advances in digital technology have had an effect on our perception of time. He uses the example of an analog clock that shows the minutes that have passed and those yet to come. He writes, “That clock has run out. It has wound down, and been replaced with something else. I call it “presentism” a focus on the now over the past, and even the future.” (2)…

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