Essay about Time Management Of A College Student

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One of my high school teacher said one thing over and over to the senior class but not many of my classmates caught on until we got to college. She said “You do best what you do most”, she repeated that to us every chance she got and she still does today. I learned by being in this course that I have to apply that phrase into my everyday life because is going to be very beneficial for me now and in the future. Out of all the study habits that I learned in this course so far the ones that have hit me the most are the following time management, and finding a place without distraction. To begin with what exactly is time management in the terms in the life of a college student? Time management in the life of a college student means that we have to learn how to balance our everyday lives and still reserve enough time for our studies and goals. The molecule with me hard in this topic because I have not been managing my time efficiently and reserving time in order to study. I been a victim of the procrastinator disease, I been having the symptoms of these disease. I been seeing the day as a very long day and thinking to myself I have enough time all I need is like three hours to finish the assignment is not that hard anyways. Another symptom has been I been sleeping a lot, careless of what can happen to my grade in intro to psychology. All this symptoms can go away with one thing, that thing is learning how to manage my time efficiently. One thing I can start doing to manage my…

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