Effective Time Management

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20 time management apps for 2015
Effective time management is a challenge to many people, whether you are a manager, employee, freelancer, student, or on holiday, time never seems to be enough. This is particularly an issue when you are trying to accomplish several tasks in a limited time frame and are required to meet deadlines.
There are several apps that help users to manage their time in various ways. Some are effective as standalone while others will need to be used in conjunction with other software or hardware to achieve desired results.
A simple strategy is to create a To-Do list, but this have limitations and time management apps help one to be more organized, productive and to make better use of the day.

There is a variety of time
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The app will automatically track the time spent on websites and applications and then present you with a picture of how you have spent your time through the day.
The app sends you weekly reports indicating how you have spent your time most. It shows you the real time wasters such as websites where you spend most of the time.
The time management app sends you detailed reports based on time spent on the activities and even shows you how you could have been more productive.

4. Remember The Milk
The app helps you organize your time, manage what you do, and while working across several devices. Remember The Milk is compatible with computers and mobile devices and available for Android, IOS, Twitter, Gmail and Google calendar.
The free version of the tool helps you manage all your tasks easily and sends you reminders all the times. There is also a paid Pro version with more capabilities.

Remember The Milk is ideal for adult students who have to balance, work, school and family, it helps one organize and prioritize assignments. In addition, it works between multiple devices and allows push notifications and customized task lists for home, work or school.

5. Time
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Any.Do is a free, elegant, and simple time management app that captures everyday tasks and help one to organize big projects as a well as share the list with people working on the same project.
The Any.Do app incorporates several useful features that help a user to plan, create to-do lists, reminders, notes and events. The tool helps in organizing events such as holidays, sharing lists such as shopping lists as well as providing other great functionalities that help keep life organized.
The app has the ability to sync between desktop and mobile devices, so that, you, your family, friends and everyone around you can access it from anywhere.
8. Todoist
The Todoist app has a to-do list and task list and enables users to achieve amazing things through its beautiful and simple to-do list and task manager. The app has several capabilities and will help one to collaborate with the team, remind you of the pending tasks and keep track of the important projects.
The app works seamlessly across different platforms and several languages. You can add, complete, manage and re-schedule your tasks from anywhere and even when offline. This is possible from desktop, tablet, smart watch, laptop, phone, email, browser and

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