Essay on Time Is A Part Of A Mind Independent Reality

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In this paper I shall argue that time is a part of a mind-independent reality. I intend to argue in a similar vein to presentism with a few alterations that eliminate the failure of presentism in explaining things that existed in the past (REFERENCE). In essence, I will argue that, similarly to presentism, only the present exists, and it necessarily exists in the A-series, however I will also argue that the past and future exist in a mind-dependent reality where they exist in the B-series of time (REFERENCE). Firstly, I will define the key terms of my argument as well as the general concept. Secondly, I shall explain why presentism has maintained its strong hold on the theory of time and how it removes some of the problems of a mind-independent time set forth by philosophers like McTaggart (REFERENCE). Thirdly, I will consider whether my argument allows for change, which is an essential property required for time (REFERENCE). Fourthly, I shall consider the problems that pressure any time series theory, namely I shall consider the seeming contradiction that the special theory of relativity places on theories of time (REFERENCE). Finally, I conclude by stating that the arguments for a mind-independent reality are persuasive, and so the existence of time as a part of a mind-independent reality should be widely held.
I shall now define the key terms that are required for my argument. Mind-independent and mind-dependent reality means that there is an external reality that has…

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