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Scripts Good Morning/Afternoon, my fellow classmates. Today, I am going to introduce a fascinating book that I believe that all of you should read - The Tiger Rising. This book was wrote by Newbery Medalist - Kate DiCamillo and The Tiger Rising make its way to the Finalists of the National Book Award in 2001. Let’s begin with the story of The Tiger Rising. One morning in the misty Flordia morning, walking in the woods, Rob Horton, discovered a confined tiger behind the Kentucky Star Motel. The appearance of the tiger is extremely absurd in Rob’s daily life that he inspects the apparition of the tiger as a magic. After the incidents of the tiger, he surprisingly forgot the depress emotions of his recently deceased mother. Then, on the same …show more content…
And they are Rob Horton, Sistine Bailey, and Willie May. First of all, Rob Horton, several months before the story began, Rob’s mother deceased due to diseases and caused Rob to suffer from heavy depression; he is a introvert the tragedy and he never reveals his true emotion before anyone, except his new friend, Sistine. Second, Sistine Bailey, she has characteristics of straightforwardness, especially her feelings and emotions. Also, she is Rob’s classmates and they became good friends during the adventure of releasing the tiger. Third, Willie May, she is the housekeeper of Kentucky Star Motel. Although she is undereducated, but she always give Sistine and Rob advisable suggestions that she learned from her life. Furthermore, she has connections with Rob of losing the beloved …show more content…
Also, the description of desperate, grief, and hopeless feeling is exaggerating and overwhelming. And the explanation of the power of LOVE gave this book a far-fetched logic and brief ending.
Lastly, the author of this book - Kate DiCamillo - is an American writer of children's fiction for all reading levels, usually featuring animals. She is one of six people to win two Newbery Medals, recognizing her novels The Tale of Despereaux (2003) and Flora & Ulysses (2013). DiCamillo was the U.S. National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, appointed by the Library of Congress for the term comprising 2014 and 2015.
Overall, The Tiger Rising is an ordinary novel with amusing stories. This book is worthy for Grade 8 students to read, even though it includes some logical mistakes. But still, I enjoyed it a lot, especially the precious friendship between Rob and Sistine; the portraying of Sistine is extraordinarily successful. Although, the depiction of Rob’s emotions is exaggerating. However, if you enjoy the friendship between the two protagonists; if you can sympathize the experience of Rob Horton; and you like casual literature for relaxing. Then, it must be the novel that you should

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