Tie The Knot, By W. Bradford Wilcox Essay

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One of the most important essays in this chapter was called “Tie the Knot”, by W. Bradford Wilcox. This argument was written by a sociologist, who argues that with a change in social policy, individuals will be more inclined to marry at a younger age. He states that in turn, this can create a “stronger country overall” (585). As I read through this essay, I noticed that there are many ways in which the author is effective in his argument. The three methods that the author uses to create a strong argument are ancillary graphics, references to professional researchers, and references to subjective experience.
Firstly, this author was the only one in the whole chapter to use an ancillary graphic, specifically a bar graph. Bar graphs are a form of graphs used to show the relationship between two or more variable. In this essay, Wilcox uses a bar graph to show the relationship between age at marriage, education level, and income (586), which helps in a variety of ways. Using a graph helps readers discern that there is a relationship between these three variables. Looking back, I realize that if Wilcox had taken this data and presented it in a paragraph format, I would have been extremely confused and wouldn’t have seen the correlation as fast as I did with the graph. If the audience had to read a paragraph full of numbers and statistics, it would be harder for them to piece together an interpretation of the topic—instead, many would even sip through this vital information if it…

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