Three Stages of How People View Me Essay

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Vyacheslav Shulikov CMST& 210 23rd January, 2015 I did not know that it was possible for me to be three different people while remaining in my own body the whole time. The purpose of this paper is to show the different views people have of one another, and how the relationship between the two people affects how one views another. In this paper I would like to discuss the views of three different people and how the closeness of my relationship with these people affected their view of me and my view of them. In three situations I was viewed differently by three different people that either knew me very well, knew me just enough to be friends, or did not know me at all and were a …show more content…
When it came to my relationship with a new acquaintance I had expected different results however I understand the reason behind the new acquaintances view of me. I had showed up to the coffee shop wearing outdoor gear that one would go hiking in and I was in my company vehicle, therefore that helped my new friend form an interpretation and stereotype of me. The main reason as to why I think that every subject saw me in a different was was due to interpersonal perception and due to my self disclosure. Being very close with my significant other meant that the breadth and depth of our communication was different than that of my casual friend and my new acquaintance. Something that definitely had me and my casual friends have different views of each other was co cultural differences due to a larger age gap between the two of us. When it came to the new acquaintance I think that the three parts of the perception process played a major role in forming a view of me as both I and my new acquaintance had seen each other for just a few minutes and a view of one another was formed strictly on first impression. One thing that all of the people that I had talked to and made perceptions about was their culture. All three people had grown up in the same community as me and we all had a sort of

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