Three Perspectives Of Sociology And Sociology Essay

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Three Perspectives of Sociology There are three major theories/perspectives that sociology is based on and how it relates to society. Sociology is better of understanding of the human society and interaction of humans. The three theories that sociology is based on structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Many famous theorists have contributed to the three different perspectives. These three theories would help became the basis for sociology and how we study it.
Structural functionalism is the theory that as a society grows larger the parts become a more complex and more specialized. The structural-functionalist approach is the idea in sociology that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote equilibrium and stability. The theory says that our lives are led by social structures, which are based off of patterns of social behavior. Social structures help give form to our lives and society through families, the community, and religious establishments. The orientation of functionalism is on a macro type of scale. The top theorists of functionalism were Comte, Martineau, Spencer, and Durkheim. The foundation of the whole theory was based on shared values. The focus was order, equilibrium, and stability throughout society in order for it to function properly. Some of the questions that were asked during this time were; What is the connection between value and social structure? and How do societies remain integrated? It was…

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