Three Moments Of Metatheatricality In Passion Play

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1. Metatheatrical is a term that refers to a moment when a play talks about the conventions of doing theatre (this happened a lot in Passion Play). Indicate three moments of metatheatricality in Well. What effect did these moments have on you while you were reading?
a. Moment 1
The first moment is at the beginning of the play when Lisa introduce herself to the audience and mentioned that “this play we’re about to do deals with issues of illness and wellness.” (Page 1) the metatheatrical in this sentence is when Lisa said the word “play” as if they are not already in the play.
b. Moment 2
Another moment of metatheatrical is when Lisa was talking to the audience confidentially, she quoted that the play is “theatrical exploration of universal
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I thought I will be confused while reading but Lisa did a good job to make sure we understand the difference of when she was in real life and when she was performing because of this metatheatrical. This play was to make us feel like we are not watching the play and a better way to make us feel like we are not watching a play than having a play within a play.

2. What is the relationship Kron is making between issues regarding race and issues regarding wellness? Do you agree or disagree with her point?
The relationship of wellness and race is that Lisa and her family mainly believe in racial integration and allergies. They feel like wellness and relational integration are the two things they believe in the most because being in the different culture makes and not just your main group, you can learn to see the word on other people 's prospective. (Kron 22) Lisa 's city thinks otherwise in the relationship of wellness and race. Jim mentioned that "the City of Lansing...believes this neighborhood is sick and is going to die because in their minds there 's no such thing as an integrated neighborhood." (Page 24) when Lisa was growing up, people in the neighborhood believed that black people were sick and they could not leave with white people because "when the first black family moved in, the city sent crew to dig the flowers up." (Page
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The author started the play by saying that “this play is not about my mother and me” (Page 11) which was ironic because the whole story was about her mother and her. Throughout the play, she told the story about her time in Allergy Unit and how her mother saved the community. She also showed a didactic tone toward the audience at the beginning when she was instructing the audience of what they were to do. “I want to tell you a little bit about what we’re going to be doing.” (Page 11) this tone shows that she is the leader and she is trying to educate the audience about something.
In the middle of the play, the author uses a reflective tone to reflect on the issue of race that was going on in the community. Lisa keep mentioning how she grew up in an integrated community. She mentions how she was the only white kid at school. She recall when she was young playing with her back friends Oscar. She referred Oscar as a “black boy” and Oscar referred her to a “white girl”. Lisa now thinks that the game was wrong and it is a term that was used in history to insult black men. (Page 33).
Lisa is forced by her mother to tell her what she really think. Lisa used a critical tone to show emotion of fault of her mother being sick. “WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER?” (Page 72) Lisa understand that her mother cannot change the fact that she is sick but because

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