Principle Of Classroom Management Plan

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Teachers are successful when they are organized and have a plan of action that will guide them everyday of the school year. This plan is known as a Classroom Management Plan. This is the guidebook to how your classroom will run. It will have all of your procedures, your principles, rules, and a general of what will take place in your class. While reading I have already made a Classroom Management Plan, and reading this chapter I would like to add a few ideas that I have learned to it. I have three major principles that I took from this chapter and combined to what I already have in my plan. The first is about procedures; the second is about teacher communication to students and parents, and lastly about creating the respectful and safe environment …show more content…
This involves communicating with other teachers, students, administration, and parents. Communicating with other co teachers is a good way to get new ideas and ways to teach certain content. It is a good way to just bounce ideas off of each other. This can come in handy when maybe feeling stuck on a topic that you just are not sure how to teach. Communicating with administration is important because that is where your line of updates comes from as well as good advice on how to handle certain situations. They will be able to inform you on many topics and be able to give good advice. Communicating with students is very important and is one of the major reasons why I think it is a big principle. We as teacher need o communicate to our students what we expect from them and how we expect them to act in our classrooms. This clarity of what we want really decreases the amount of violence and bullying that could take place in the classroom. Lastly, communication with parents is key. They trust us with their children and this is no small task. I think it is so important to let parents know what you are doing in class, what you are learning, your expectations, how things work in your individual classroom, such as homework and late work policies. The more we let parents know what is happening in the classroom the more trust there will be and the support for me as a

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