Three Ingredients Of Public Tragedy Case Study

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The Three Main Ingredients of Public Tragedy

Jakarta, a special capital city of Indonesia in which complicating problems has always been a usual thing for the government and the locals. Traffic, flood and pollution has always been the number one problem for roughly 11 years in this city, causing the economy to slow down due to the hard road accessibility, and even souls. A lot of solution has been suggested in which some of them are currently being implemented to put this city away from the problems. The central government has allocated a huge amount of budget for this city to grow to be a city that can be looked up to by other smaller cities. There is a chain connection between traffic, flood, and air pollution which means, a problem will
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When we are talking about traffic jam, we are talking about small streets packed with overly-noisy Bajaj (Orange trikes that can be found in the side of the city), Kopaja (Busses that are chasing one another in the city to get more passengers), massive amount of motorcycles, tons of cheap cars that other countries would never think of importing it, and the extremely genius pedestrians that are crisscrossing the streets without ever looking around and knowing that a 20 000 pounds bus is about to hit them and send them right away to the hospital. Moreover, Jakarta has a complex traffic jam all around the city, especially during the rush hours (06.00AM to 12.00AM and 05.00PM to 08.00PM ), in this time window we could see infinite amount of vehicles cutting of one another to fulfill their selfish wants (to get to their destination as fast as possible) without thinking about the safety of themselves and others around them. The department of transportation in Jakarta estimated that there is an increase on the amount of vehicles in Jakarta, which is about 11 percent per year. Thanks to motorcyclist, Jakarta has more than 14 million vehicles (11 million units of motorcycles, 3 million units of personal cars, 36 000 units of bus, 617 units of trucks, and 133 units of special vehicles)*1, covering the 40,1 KM2 of total road space*2. Can you imagine how complex will the …show more content…
The worst flood in memory occurred in February 2007, inundating about 70 per cent of the city. It killed at least 57 people and sent some 450,000 fleeing their homes.” *4 I believed that such tragedy wouldn’t happen if the locals were given the right knowledge about how important it is to take care of our environment and maintaining it so that we could prevent such disaster to come to Jakarta. When there is flood, the economy in the city will slow down because simply, people couldn’t get to their workplace on time.

In conclusion, these problems will affect each other one way or another, when there is flood, there will be traffic jam; when there is traffic jam, there will be more pollution; when there is more air pollution, there might be flood. What am I saying is that we need to focus on solving one problem first before we continue to the other; some Jakarta’s people didn’t trust the government anymore, they are speculating, if they are not focused on doing one project, the money will be corrupted by the other government officials. If we didn’t focus on doing it, these problems will just keep on occurring,

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