The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

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The victims of Katrina Hurricane Katrina being one of the most deadliest and catastrophic hurricanes in the United States left the city of New Orleans devastated and in a disastrous state. As the weather continued to get worse, the fellow citizens were notified. With each day passing the worse the weather got and eventually became a hurricane. First being a rank one then two and so on, with this warning many citizens departed the city and others thought “C’mon, c’mon. Nothing is going to happen. People are making a big deal for no reason” stated Abdurrahman Zeitoun (Eggers 54) and decided to stay. As a result people and animals were left behind to which hundreds died, their corpse were then left like they were nothing and the city in all was demolished some related to racial issues. As the local authorities they should have made more people leave and taken more responsibly in the aftermath.
As Katrina prepared to hit land the winds prevailed and the ranking shot up to a number five, the highest ranking a hurricane can be. At this point trees were falling over,
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Debris was then covering the streets and that with the emergency officials not responding in time, the bit of people that were left were now screaming for help while trying to survive the power of Katrina. The some people were rescued and others had to get to safety on their own, other less fortunate people who didn’t find safety died. Long term effects of Katrina were that many people lost their life leaving there family’s in grief of what happened, the city was destroyed, race wars commenced and as for the government they had to deal with the aftermath of everything that went on as the city of New Orleans as well as try and restore all the damage that was

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