Three Aspects Of Sustainable Development

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In the fast developing world, there is no room for doubt that rapid economic development is one of the most successful achievements in human history,both in developing countries and developed countries. Countless people are sharing the improvement of living standard in many aspects. However, with the threat posed by the increasing environmental problems and resource shortage problems, considerable amount of public attention is being attracted to the achievement of sustainable development.

According to Wikipedia , “ sustainable development is the Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of 2014). M. Hasna states that sustainability is a function of social, economic, technological and ecological themes(M.
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Education is one of the primary factors which sustains society. If a country can not pay enough attention to education, the cultivation of the next generation would fall behind, and the increase of conflicts between different classes would occur. As a result, the health and stability of society would be damaged. This issue needs more attention in China, a country which has the largest population and the most nationalities around the world . The National Report (2012) states that China has enlarged investment in education and achieved full-scale free compulsory education in both urban and rural areas. These efforts have promoted sustained and rapid development at all levels. More importantly, it offers an opportunity in which people can shape the values, attitudes, behaviours and abilities, which is beneficial to the social development especially the social integration. In other words, poor areas have access to education. This promotes educational equity and reduces the gaps between regions. As a result, it makes the society more balanced and contributes to social

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