Thomson Defense of Abortion Essay

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Philosophy 1001-001 A Defense of Abortion in Pregnancy Reduction

In this paper I will discuss the relevance of J.J. Thomson’s argument in her article, A Defense of Abortion, to that of pregnancy reduction and if there is any relevance, if there are exceptions or situations where that might change. J.J. Thomson’s argument in A Defense of Abortion is that the one thing a person has rights to is his/her body and the right to control what happens with it. Thomson also states that there is an innate desire and need for self-preservation that we all have that must additionally be considered.

To support her argument, Thomson uses the example of a violinist where an unconscious violinist would only stay alive if you were constantly
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Even with this significant difference, it could be argued that a person might desire to not have more than one child at a time even though they “intentionally” got pregnant. Therefore, Thompson’s arguments still apply in these cases.
There is no difference morally on abortion of a singleton pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy that would apply with Thomson’s arguments because those that supported the belief that any abortion was killing would use the same argument for “killing” one fetus and keeping one. Additionally, those that supported the woman’s right to make decisions about her own body or health would still use those claims in a woman’s right to choose whether or not she had the right to a pregnancy reduction.

In conclusion, Thomson’s argument, in A Defense of Abortion, that the one thing a person has rights to is his or her body and the right to control what happens with it and to fight for self-preservation would not change at all if those same arguments were applied to a pregnancy reduction

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