Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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Thomas Paine wrote the famous pamphlet, "Common Sense", in the year of 1776 due to the ridiculous laws that King George III and the British Parliament were passing. This was the time where some of the American colonists did not agree with the laws of the British Parliament and they were starting to do something about it, like Thomas Paine and "Common Sense". Some of the laws included: the Sugar Act, which taxed imported goods that came into the American colonies, and the Stamp Act, which taxed anything written. These are just two of the laws that built up the anger of the colonists. Thomas Paine was one of those angry colonists, and he decided to write about this injustice. He wanted to show the people how unfair the King and the British Parliament was for creating such laws. Paine wrote that the people should not have to deal with this, and that we were getting no say whatsoever in the government. He was one to believe that the people should be able to have a voice in the decisions among the government. Thomas Paine wanted to show everyone how unfairly they were being treated, being taxed without representation and all. He basically brought up the idea of gaining independence from Britain.
One of the main themes Thomas Paine was hoping to get across in his pamphlet is to stand up for yourself and do what you need to do. The "yourself" stands for the United States, and the standing up part stands for declaring independence from Britain due to their tight control. We (the…

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