Thomas Paine And The American Revolution Essay example

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Thomas Paine was a renowned pro-American writer and author of some of the most persuasive texts of the American Revolution. Paine wrote in a manner that appealed to the masses, not just American elites. He often quoted the Bible in his arguments in an attempt to engage people of all classes in the struggle for American independence and for a rejection of government based on hereditary monarchy. In Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, it said the Colonists should aim for complete independence from Britain. He argued that Britain governed the Americans for its own benefit, not theirs, and that the distance between the two nations made governing from England very inefficient. The pamphlet sold in its thousands and became very influential. It helped to turn a local uprising into a War of Independence and Thomas Paine was given the title “Father of the American Revolution.” Another work of Paine’s that is crucial to the revolution is “The Crisis.” This argues American independence, of course, but begins with thoughts on religion and government, which most of his writings entail. This led to Paine’s idea of government. He believed that the government needed to protect the people from their own corrupt behavior. He was one of the first to believe that the government 's role was to protect life, liberty and property. Paine’s works were a major turning point in both American and French history because they influenced a variety of people which helped free America from Britain and shaped the…

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