Thomas L. Friedman 's Views On Politicians Essays

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A politician is a person who is currently in hold of a position or is seeking an office within a government. They gain power by election being either voted for by people or by a definitive group in the government. And a politician’s purpose is to support and create laws or policies that would govern the land and its people. In Thomas L. Friedman’s op-ed article, he stated that "politicians see evil, hear evil, and speak evil" in order to present to the citizens that politicians have taken their power for granted and to indirectly speak to the politicians to polish their actions. Although politicians hold public speeches to appeal to the people of the country, I would agree that Thomas L. Friedman’s views on politicians’ actions are evil.
Public speeches are made when one wants to appeal to the people of the country with an issue that they think must be carried out, whether it is for themselves or for the country. Public speech plays an important role in changing the citizens’ mind about their own government. It is also a factor that affects the people’s decision into choosing a representative. And politicians will use public speech to communicate and connect to the people.
Without doubt, politicians would assemble public speeches to acquire votes and support. In other words, public speeches are the elements that plays an important role for citizens to better understand the candidates that they are going to vote for based upon the purpose and promises that the candidates are…

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