Essay about Thomas Hobbes : The Pursuit Of Self Preservation

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Thomas Hobbes has been recognized as an influential thinker who , broke the tides of traditional divine political theology, and put in place the foundations for a more secular form of political philosophy. At the time were religious pretexts were paramount to the progression of society, Hobbes’s Leviathan portrayed men as creatures whose main concern was the pursuit of self preservation . Though almost half of Leviathan is dedicated to the theological explanation of God, some may argue Gods irrelevance for most of the naturalistic arguments that are put fourth. This essay will expand on Hobbes 's interpretation of a mortal type of higher power based on reason rather than a conception of a theological being. I will argue, that Hobbes’s form of a sovereign was an atheist perception of government. While, denying the fact that Hobbes wasn’t in fact a Lutheran or, Calvinist thinker. Also I wish to give a Christian, and Islamic interpretation of Hobbes’s sovereign. From this, I shall explain the speculation of his transformation of politics, but first I will expand on the realm of religion during this time frame.

Historical Context During the 16th century, religion was the primary role of just about everything. Heavily dominated by politics, religion was the primary reason for wars fought between kingdoms who would have different interpretations of Christianity. These small wars consisted of wether the Catholic Church, or if the Pope should have spiritual authority…

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