Thomas Dooley Doesn 't Be A Man That Many People Know About Anymore

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Thomas Dooley doesn 't seem to be a man that many people know about anymore, very few know of his accomplishments and the major difference he made in people 's lives during the Vietnam War and after the war too. At the beginning of my research I was in the mindset of oh great another paper let 's get it done. Now I actually interested and I wish a few more people knew about this man. During the Vietnam War his name was more commonly heard, he was awarded for all his hard work by the vietnamese government and the red cross. Hes also the man who had a calling and followed it. He did what he liked and it was a noble cause, putting others before himself. It was also hard to find information on Dr. Dooley, there are sources on him however when researching his name you will find a series of modern people with the same name. In order to find him you have to search deep into the web. And unfortunately the sources I was finding were all very repetitive simply mentioning all of his major accomplishments and the boring little facts like when he was born. His books however give far more information and can be pieced together to get a much better understanding of who he was as a person and what he did. Thomas Dooley was born January 17, 1927 in Missouri, His parents were Roman Catholics so he was raised with Catholic morals. For his schooling he attended St. Louis University High School which, given by the name, was a Catholic school. He graduated in 1944. After highschool he…

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