Thomas Alva Edison's Accomplishments

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Thomas Alva Edison possessed a tremendous amount of skills as an inventor and dedicated a great amount of time and efforts in his laboratory. Edison realized at a young age that creating and inventing intrigued him. He drafted a great amount of notebooks containing sketches, ideas, and explanations for his inventions. His ambitions and aspirations led Edison to own many companies and accumulate over 1,000 patents for his inventions. As an inventor, Thomas grew up with a mindset that he would achieve all his goals and work until he has pursued all of his dreams. Edison found out an early age that school was difficult. Surprising to the fact that he became incredibly successful in his mere youth, he flunked out of school at age seven. …show more content…
He thought of random and unique inventions in his head, sketched them down, and figured out a way to bring them to life. He invested in over half of the money he made towards the making and manufacturing of new inventions. Thomas gave up all of his family time, being a father, husband, and inventor because he reserved his time to be in his laboratories. He never let anything get in the way of the dreams he had set as a younger boy. A lot of the time Edison was not there to see his children grow up, but he always supported them and encouraged them to live out their dreams just as he had. Thomas Edison was known as “The Inspirer, “One of Our Immortals”, the “Conqueror of the Unknown”, “Genius of Light”, “The Revolutionizer”, and “Foremost Among Creators”. (Baldwin pg.409) As a sign of respect after Thomas’ death on October 18, 1931, all of America’s lights were extinguished for 1 minute in honor of his great work. All of Thomas Edison’s incredible inventions that set the world on fire for chemistry are proof in themselves of the amazingly tremendous skills that he possessed as an inventor. All people around the world always will acknowledge that for centuries to

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